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Secure, Quality roller shutter doors

Roller Door Pros will put you in touch with the best roller shutter doors across Gauteng. We represent the top specialist professionals in industrial and home security doors. High quality and virtually burglar proof. If you need garage door repairs click here. 

Why should you invest in a Roller Shutter Door?

Secure your home

Roller doors are a great alternative to the conventional garage doors. They are more secure and add that extra level of security for you and your family.

Protect your shop, factory or office

If you have a premises that has is road facing or you need an extra level of security a roller shutter door is the right option.

Add value to your property

In South Africa every extra level of security is important. Any investment that is made in your new roller door you will get back.

Custom roller shutter doors for home and office

Custom Manufactured

If you need a custom roller door fill in the quote request form to get a site visit. The area agent for Roller Door Pros will come out and do a inspection.

Installed and Approved

Once your design is approved your roller door will be erected on site and installed according to the best practices.

Roller Roor Pros install and do quotes throughout Gauteng

Based in Joburg Metro Municipality we have clients all over the greater Gauteng region. 

The best thing is to request a site visit and then we will come see you to give you a quote in the following areas around Johannesburg – 

  • Randburg, Sandton, Roodepoort and all the other areas within 50km of Joburg.  
Roller Door Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of roller doors are available?

From large warehouses to residential we manufacture to spec. Residential, commercial and industrial are our main product lines. 

How are the shutters controlled and operated?

There are many different ways to control and operate a roller door. The simplest way is to have a manual door that is easily operated by hand which is ideal for home and small office. For larger areas or where you would like automation you can have electronically triggered opening and closing with a motor and remote. 

What are the sizes?

Roller shutter door sizes are the same as garage doors. They come in the single and double standard sizes. There is also the option to have a custom size door designed and built for any size big or small.  

What materials and colours are the roller doors manufactured from?

There are wide range of options but the most common is either aluminium or steel. The aluminium option can be supplied in a range of colours and also comes in insulated or extruded options. 

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Pricing and Quote

Q: Is it safe to submit my details?

Yes. Our site is secured. 

Q: Do I have to pay for this service?

No, it is 100% free.

Q: How can I benefit?

Save time and hassle. Compare quotes from roller door companies in your area by completing one short form.

Q: How long will it take to get quotes?

Most the time within a day.

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